What is BioGIF

BioGif ™ is an active form of natural milk antibodies. Mixing BioGif with your favorite cold drink creates a probiotic supplement that not only introduces good bacteria into your belly but also stops the growth of bad bacteria.  BioGIF can be used with your current probiotics as well and can be used to supercharge your current probiotic supplements, yogurts and drinks that you are currently taking. Don’t worry if you aren’t taking any probiotics currently as BioGIF can be used as a standalone supplement very effectively.

Regular use of BioGIF can help with these common effects of gastrointestinal imbalance:

  • Stool Odor
  • Constant Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Lowered Immune Function
  • Joint Pain
  • Joint Swelling
  • Joint Tenderness

The antibodies found in BioGif are the same antibodies found in raw unpasteurized milk except that BioGif contains more than 2 cups worth of active ingredients in just one tiny packet. One box of BioGif comes with 30 packets or 30 days worth of BioGif. Do not take BioGif if you are allergic to or have allergic reactions to dairy or soy products.

Probiotic benefits of BioGif include:

  • Boost in Immune Function
  • Lowered Fatigue
  • Better overall health and sense of well being

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